Hello everyone,

Tempo Football School is giving everyone a chance to tell their opinion about Tempo Football School. All parents and players, who took part in the Euro Tour ’06, are invited to respond. Please tell us what you thought about the coaching through the last season, Euro Trip's organization, the coaching staff, as well as everyone who helped with the trip and the people we met in Europe.

Not mattering of the content in the response these testimonials will be used only in our website www.tempofootballschool.com. We are also using pictures of all the participants of the Euro Tour and if anyone does not want them in the pictures on the website please contact me. Feel free to send an e-mail with your response.

Tempo Football School thanks all parents and children who participated in any of our activities, for giving us support and for helping us in the beginning of our career in Canada. We will never forget this and we will always be thankful.

Tempo Football School
Aleksandar and Tihomir Borojevic

"I recently came back from the Tempo football school Euro 2008 soccer tour. It was probably the two best weeks of my life. We experienced and saw so many things but somehow we still had a lot of free time to do what we chose. One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the professional games. It was so amazing to experience what it is actually like at the highest level and to feel the energy of the crowd. The coaches and parents were awesome with all of them being very supportive, understanding and the coaches just being overall great coaches, some of the best that I have ever had. I will certainly never forget how great the trip was and cannot wait until next year’s trip.".

George Stein

"These coaches are the best! Not only do they love the game and care about the kids but they enjoy seeing the kids confidence grow! Europe was an amazing experience that will be unforgettable in my sons life".

Roxanne Collin, Langley

" In April of 2006 I went to Europe with my team from Tempo Football School. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me the opportunity to see what soccer in Europe is all about and how much of their lives the players devote to the game. I think it's had a positive effect on how I play soccer both as an individual and team member. I really enjoyed all the different scenery and cultures that we experienced in Europe. Most of all, the trip has given me the desire to travel more. Seeing the country of Croatia was the highlight for me because of the activities we did there, the shopping and the scenery, not to mention the best and biggest ice cream cone I've ever eaten. During the trip I always felt safe and I think Aleksandar and the other dads that went on the trip did a good job of chaperoning us. "

Russell Lavery, Surrey (Age 14)

" My son has had the pleasure of having Aleksandar as his soccer coach for the past two years. In that time I have seen growth in his capacity as a player. Aleksandar is extremely skilled at soccer, treats all his players with respect and in return his players give him their best and thoroughly enjoy practices. In April of 2006 my son accompanied his teammates at Tempo Football School on their Euro-Tour and had a great experience. I thought the value of the trip was excellent as it covered all expenses except spending money. Planning the trip encouraged my son to work and fundraise to help towards the cost. We were lucky to have a great group of parents involved, some of who assisted Aleksandar with paperwork and communications; and several dads who joined the team as chaperones. It was a trip that I look forward to experiencing with my younger son in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Tempo Football School."

Michele Lavery, Surrey

" The Euro Soccer Tour 2006 was an incredible experience for me and my dad. The places we saw in Europe were amazing, and I would love to go back. The soccer tournament gave us an opportunity to see how the Europeans approach the game, and I learned a lot from it. We got to meet many kids from all over Europe, and we gave them Canada pins. The soccer competition was very strong, but our team, the Tempo Football School, managed to win the Sportsmanship Trophy for the whole tournament. We were proud of ourselves. Thank you to Aleksandar, Tihomir, Ivan in France, and all the dads who participated. The Euro Soccer Tour was so much fun that I am hoping to go on another trip with Tempo Football School. "

Sterling Testini (Age 14), Langley

My son is now in his second year with Aleksandar as his coach. I cannot stress how much my son has learned. He also went on the Euro trip and had the time of his life. The only complaint he had was that there was not enough time to do everything. The whole trip was organized and well thought out. Along with playing soccer, the boys had plenty of time to have fun. As a parent, I had complete faith in Aleksandar and all the dads who went on the trip. My son aspires to do well and I believe he can with Aleksandar's guidance.

Clare Speirs, Langley B.C.

Aleksandar was my coach and I went on the Euro tour. I liked the soccer tournament and meeting lots of kids with a diverse background. Going to all the countries was a real experience but I would have like to spend more time in each country. The coaches taught us many things and the dads were pretty good too. Croatia was the best country of all. I would love to do it again.

Nathen Speirs (Age 14), Langley B.C.

My son had Alex as his coach last year and also this year. He has stated that he has learned so much from him and has requested to stay on his team. He also traveled with him to Europe and had a great time. He was able to visit many countries and brought home a lot of great memories. Alex is very supportive and empathetic towards all his players. As a parent I was extremely impressed with his organization and guidance to my son during their European trip. Thanks to a great coach.

Louise Hoekstra and Ago Fidanza (Aldegrove) B.C.