Our mission

The main goal of our school is to empower everyone to give football a try and have a chance to fall in love with the game, all under a friendly and pleasurable atmosphere where everyone will be safe.

All of the students will get equal treatment along with a correct, honest educational and psychological curriculum depending on each student's individual assessment. The result of the game is not the main goal of our program. We will consider ourselves successful if everyone, after they finish our school, gets the maximum technical and tactical knowledge based on their physical ability.

The following are some of the qualities and moments the students will experience while playing under fair play:

  • positive impact on health and manners
  • creating the will to be successful
  • belonging to a team
  • following rules of the game
  • success in overcoming problems
  • being prepared to deal with victories and losses, as well as right and wrong
  • the joy of achievement
  • meeting new friends

Patience is something we ask from the parents. What we provide your children with is a level of success over a certain period of time. Something doesn’t come from nothing; only with proper attention and hard work can anyone achieve their desired goal. Our work is not based on the day to day basis, but on a carefully created and organized program which is to be carried out over a longer period of time. Our plan will give your children a chance to build up their skills and health, and become a good player as well as a good person.