Our school provides three different programs to improve your football skills. You can choose one of the following that suits you best.


First Steps with Tempo is made for children of 6-8 years of age, the practices last 30 minutes and takes place during the lunch time at school. This program was created to improve your child's technique, soccer skills, physical skills and soccer intelligence. A lot of work with the ball will be the major factor in the steps for their improvement.

TEMPO After School

This program is intended and created for children from 9 to 11 years of age. The practice takes place once a week at the child's school (gym or field) in the Langley area. The practices last 45 minutes and take place right after school.

Our goal is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for the students, as well as the fundamental skills to improve their technique and performance on the field. With proper activity at this age, the children will benefit more at the older stages of their lives.

Upon request of parents or guardians, Tempo Footbal School Coach/Staff will stay for an additional 15 minutes after practices with the children until they are picked up by their parents/guardians.

Actively involved in the coaching process will be previous students who are currently involved in higher level soccer. With their work and behaviour, they will provide a good example for the younger students.

TEMPO Football School "More than a game!"

Our football school provides 60 minute practices once a week and is intended for children of 7-14 years of age. The goal of our practices is twofold. The first is to have the students work together as a team, secondly they will follow the given set of practices/workouts that improve their fundamental skills.

Through out our workouts, the main focus will be set on the four main skills: Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological activities. Detailed and complete player evaluations, including a training plan will be provided every 6 months. It is important to stress that each program is made in the way that it can be adapted to each age group of players based on their needs and characteristics.

During the child’s participation in the Football School, there will be a number of friendly exhibition games and tournaments. We believe that our football school is not a place for just collecting the best talented children, but instead a place where children come to improve their already acquired knowledge and skills. We support children in training and playing for their local community clubs.